mardi 17 mai 2011


I know that I have not been keeping up with my quasi-regular posts lately but I have not forgotten my blog nor you, my blog friends. I have a TON of ideas going through my head right now but so little time. 

Apart from working in a research lab, finishing crochet items for my summer collection, and minding my ETSY shop, I have been preparing for my first 5K run for charity.  A good friend of mine got me started on running less than a year ago. I still remember that day when he took me on a 10K run around Seattle's Lake Union for the first time. I thought that I would not survive it (okay, perhaps I was exaggerating) but obviously I did despite really sore legs the next day. 

Thanks to my friend's patience and moral support, I kept at it and slowly built my endurance. By no means, I am not an athlete but I have come to enjoy running because it felt quite natural. I was blessed with leg muscles and the so-called Mountain Girl lungs. Running does not require any fancy gear, just good running shoes and ones' feet. I can say that I run because I can.

I recently replaced my worn and torn Merrel running shoes (I was sad to see them go) with a pair of Reebok Runtone Action shoes. One sign (for me, anyway) that running shoes fit well is not having blisters whenever one runs in them. I have run around in these a few times now and my feet are still blister free.
Here are a few more things that allow me to enjoy running, whether it's on the treadmill at the gym or outside. Click on photo for more info. 

mercredi 4 mai 2011

A month for Bicycles

It was not until I joined ETSY that I discovered that May is National Bike Month here in the USA. For those of you who have followed my blog and visited my shops, my velophilia shows even though I am still a klutz on two-wheels. Nevertheless, this does not damper my love for bicycles so for this month, I have created a special section called «Bike Love» where all bicycle photographs are specially priced. Also, come and visit the treasury I made, «Vélophilia» on ETSY featuring wonderful items from very talented ETSY sellers. Clicking on the treasury's screenshot takes you to the actual treasury.

Just for my blog is a collection of lovely finds inspired by my love for bicycles. Click on the photo for more information.