lundi 29 avril 2013

Monday's thought of the week

(Framed print by Rebecca Puig)

I think of my mother whenever this phrase comes to mind: "Your day will go the way the corners of your mouth turn." Growing up, she often told me to smile whenever I see my reflection in the mirror. Life has its ups and downs so it is important that we find something to smile about, even if it is just at ourselves.

lundi 22 avril 2013

Monday's thought of the week

«Be brave» printed shadow box by SadlyHarmless

Be brave. facing the week ahead embracing new ideas trying new things.

Happy Monday!

mercredi 3 avril 2013

Sakura Spring

For a few years now, I make it a point to visit the blossoming cherry trees at the University of Washington's Quad. Rain or shine, it marks the start of spring for me. Seattle was blessed with gorgeous weather on the Saturday before Easter and so I took my new camera lenses for a test run and I was not disappointed.

lundi 1 avril 2013

April flowers

Starter tomato plants on one of the lab's sunny window sills. Who knew young tomato plants could flower so soon or have pink flowers?!?!