vendredi 22 avril 2011

Green Day

Today is Earth Day and as I write this entry, I think of  how my everyday actions have impacted the environment around me. Of course, one person's efforts of living green seem insignificant but it is also true that there can be strength in numbers.

It's been six years since I moved to Seattle to be closer to work. Prior to that, I lived in Tacoma from where I commuted everyday for 5 years. I could have decided to buy a car using money saved from taking public transport but realized that moving to Seattle would be the better option. The car would've been okay but I found a place within walking distance to work. and to almost everything Now, I live car-less in the city, with a transit pass that's also subsidized by my earth-conscious employer. I do have a driver's license but I've gotten used to my relatively simple life that the thought of owning a vehicle sounds a little complicated, i.e. gas, insurance, parking...

How does someone like me get to have fun in the city while living green?

1. I walk to Benaroya Hall to attend the Seattle Symphony.

2. I take the Monorail to attend festivities at the Seattle Center and also to attend a matinée at McCaw Hall, home of the Seattle Opera.

3. I walk to the Post Office to mail packages for my ETSY shop and get exercise. It's always fun to get moving!

4. I take public transit (running on Natural Gas or electricity) to visit my parents and friends.

5.  The Pike Place Market is right in my neighborhood and that's where I go to people watch, get some fruits and flowers, or hunt for vintage stuff to upcycle. No transportation needed since I just walk.

Here are some items I picked just for Earth Day. Click on the photo for more info.

jeudi 14 avril 2011

Favorites of the day: Mes coups de coeur du jour

Recently, I stumbled upon's «Taste Test» feature where one's taste is determined by what items are selected during the «test». My taste for vintage items resulted in me stumbling upon this travel bag from Sweet Shop Vintage. It is a lovely shop where I also bought one of my vintage brownie cameras not so long ago.

Here are more of my favorites of the day as inspired by this Mod Travel Bag. Just click on photo for more info. Enjoy!


mardi 12 avril 2011

London called me, so I went

“Oh, to be in England Now that April's there”--Robert Browning.

Indeed, I love Paris and the rest of France but I shall always have a soft spot for London and the rest of England. It was also five years ago this month when I first set foot on English soil. I figured that since it was my first time to visit Europe, why not start with London where folks speak «English».

I found a delightful family-run place called the Lime Tree Hotel in London's Belgravia neighborhood. It was a perfect starting point to explore this bustling city as it was close to Victoria Station. I took lots of pictures, some which are already up for sale on my ETSY shop. A few more will be listed soon.

Things I really enjoyed whilst in London were...seeing Big Ben; going to the major museums for free; walking along the Thames from Big Ben to Saint Paul's Cathedral; having a pint of Guinness at an old pub called Bag O' Nails; Climbing the 500+ steps to the very top of Saint Paul's  for a spectacular view of London; getting to watch Miss Judy Dench perform at a play in London's West End; shopping for treats at Fortnum and Mason.

One of these days, I shall return to London for another visit. Here are a few treasures that remind me of her. Click on photo for more info.

dimanche 10 avril 2011

7 little facts about me

A couple of days ago, I was called out by my very first blog friend (since I started this blog), Sasha of «What. No mints?», to share 7 little facts about myself. It got the wheels in my brain spinning as this was the first time someone has asked me to do such a thing. Hopefully, you'll find them interesting at the very least.
1.  I gave the graduation speech for my kindergarten class. I was chosen by the school principal because she thought that I won't be shy in front of an  audience. As an adult, I don't think I could ever give a speech in front of a huge crowd.

2. I don't like answering the phone unless I know who's calling. Thank goodness for caller ID!

3.  I looked like «Ugly Betty» back when I had the full set of braces along with my glasses (I do love that TV show, by the way).

4. I once repaired my piano using twine. It was enough to hold one of the low-pitch strings so that I could still practice while waiting for piano tuner/technician to fix it.

5. I don't like the heat so much though I was born and raised in a tropical country.

6. I am slightly obsessed with apostrophes and their correct usage.

7. On a bicycle, I have two left feet. I love bicycles dearly ( as my blog and shop name suggest, along with my photos) and I have a pretty cruiser sitting in my flat but I have not gotten around  «mastering a child's toy» as Frasier Crane put it. I have attempted twice in the past but I think what I need now is a «bike whisperer».  I SO want to ride and show off my pretty bicycle on the streets of Seattle!

Alright, I guess it's my turn to call on my blog friends to share 7 random facts about themselves (either as an article in your blogs or just a short comment on this article)...

Kim of KClark Photography
Steve of PhotoGrunt
Sabine of La Marquise des Anges
Yann of hot-balloon-photography

vendredi 8 avril 2011

My kind of flat

It's been a year since my complusive crafting took over chez moi in Seattle. I like living in the city and living close to work that I am able to walk every morning. My flat is quite small but compared to one I once rented in Paris (during a brief holiday) a few years ago, it's quite spacious.

For a while now, I've been looking for some inspiration for working with the space that I have and for making my small flat truly my own. I don't need or want any more stuff since I don't really have the space for it. 

Quite by accident, I came across a lovely blog by Ms. Jamie Beck, a professional photographer based in New York. Under the «At Home with...» section is where I eventually found my inspiration: photos she took of a 1-bedroom flat in Brooklyn, owned by photographer Mike Mabes. Below are some of my favourites. More photos of Mr. Mabes' flat can be found here and here.

Photo credits: Jamie Beck
My flat is nowhere near the size of the one pictured above nor does it look anything remotely like this. Here's what I love about Mr. Mabes' flat: the  exposed brick walls by the kitchen and the living room, the  fireplace and the exposed beams above the bookcase are simply beautiful and rustic, the objects tell a story and speak for their owner. This is my kind of flat and I am quite inspired now.


jeudi 7 avril 2011

Favorites of the day: Mes coups de coeur du jour

I recently purchased a pair of vintage opera glasses from a lovely ETSY shop called High Street Market. They were just the perfect size to fit inside a small handbag or clutch. Once in a while, I would treat myself to a performance at the Seattle Symphony or the Seattle Opera.

Inspired by my vintage find, here are a few more treasures for those times when one wants to feel elegant and refined. I chose each piece for its distinctive design, color, and detail. Click on image for more info.

dimanche 3 avril 2011

Weekend wanderings: Upper Queen Anne and UW Quad

For the longest time, I have been meaning to join a French Conversation group in Seattle so I could practice my spoken French. I signed up for the meetup group but in my excitement to meet new people, I forgot that it was for next Saturday, the 9th and not the 2nd. 
My getting up early on a Saturday morning was not in vain. I got acquainted with Seattle's Queen Anne neighborhood, what it has to offer plus had the chance to check out Le Rêve Bakery, where the meet up was to take place. For a late breakfast, I had a cup of cappucino and a fruit croissant with fresh strawberries then settled down with a good book.

Here are more photos of the bakery and its delicious goodies. Go ahead and indulge without the calories.
Afterwards,I enjoyed the morning sunshine around upper Queen Anne before heading back to downtown Seattle.
Later that same day, I visited the University of Washington Seattle campus for the annual blooming of its Yoshino Cherry trees. By that time, it had started to rain lightly. I lingered on the quad hoping that the sun will make a short appearance. Here are some photos. Click to enlarge and see the cherry trees better.