jeudi 10 mars 2011

Outfitting a Bicycle

If there is one thing that I hesitate to admit...(well, I'm blogging about it now) is the fact that on a bicycle, I have two left feet. Other than that, I can dance, I can sing (even in French and with a good accent), I play the piano quite well, and I am a fairly decent driver. It's really just a matter of coordination...but on a bicycle...

Yes, I love bicycles. I even have one pretty folding cruiser, just like the one below, sitting in my flat. My hope is that eventually, I will have the time to take her out again for a ride and this time, BOTH my feet will finally cooperate. (Watch the TV show "Frasier" in it's entirety and you'll have an idea on what I'm talking about. Or not.) Photos courtesy of

Barcelona Folding Cruiser by Citizen Bike

Without the basket

Bike when folded

Having travelled around France where many people look great on their bikes but don't often wear helmets (!), I got myself a nice helmet to go with almost anything from Nutcase. This way, both style and safety would not  be compromised.

Pixie Stix Helmet

Here are a couple of things that I would love to get for my bicycle: 

Handcrafted in leather, Walnut Studios' covered holster 
is a stylish way of carrying my bike's ULock. 

Covered Leather Bike ULock Holster

This slim bicycle seat bag would be great for carrying tools or 
a small first aid kit. I can even have it monogrammed with my initials. 
Handcrafted in leather by Walnut Studios.

Slim Profile Bicycle Seat Bag


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