samedi 31 août 2013

Day 31: Smile

Some things are still around, like this
snack food I liked a lot as a child. The
packaging and the taste has not changed
though the pretzel sticks now have
words printed on them. This particular
one made me smile today.

The August Break 2013

jeudi 29 août 2013

Day 29: My favorite thing (at the moment)

Sea salt soap is my favorite thing at the moment. Made in the USA and smells like a dream! Every shower feels and smells like summer by the sea. 
More info can be found here.
The August Break 2013

mercredi 28 août 2013

vendredi 23 août 2013

Day 23: Sacred

My camera collection.
 The Canon belonged to my Papa and was the very first
camera that he bought for himself as a young man.

The August Break 2013

mercredi 21 août 2013

Day 21: Something Old

Just a vintage book by Voltaire from a Parisian bouquiniste. Inside, on the first page, it has a handwritten date that says "1935" along with someone's name. It's quite in good condition for it's age.

The August Break 2013

mardi 20 août 2013

Day 20: Taste

Breakfast: seasoned sliced boiled egg
After-dinner dessert: sponge cake with 
vanilla ice cream and cherry preserve

The August Break 2013