vendredi 1 avril 2011

Avril à Paris

It was 5 years ago this month that I first came to Paris. Also, it was a year ago that I decided to open my ETSY shop. Time flew by quickly!

I still remember exactly what day it was when I first set foot in Paris. It was April 16th, Easter Sunday and I just crossed the Chunnel (English Channel Tunnel) from London on the Eurostar. I got off at the Gare du Nord where I got to practice my French for the first time by asking directions to the Metro. It's quite nice when the native French speaker I just spoke to replies in French though it can be also intimidating when it's rapid French. To my  surprise, I actually understood the directions he gave me (lucky me...). I found the guichet (ticket counter) where I bought a carnet (booklet) of 10 Metro tickets and the rest was history. 

Below is a short film/slideshow I made for an evening French class I attended a few years ago after my first Paris trip. Music credit: Tomasz Stanko Quartet.

There is that je ne sais quoi about Paris that made me feel right at home. Though I spoke halting French at the time, I felt that I understood the French and they could understand me somehow. Since then, I have visited Paris and France almost every year whenever I could (and I had a little money saved) and every time, it get's harder to say goodbye. I was never the same since then.

Hopefully, I would be able to visit Paris again later this year. For now, I am quite happy that I am reminded of Paris in the Springtime by these treasures from my favorite ETSY sellers. For more info, click on each photo.


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  1. :):) Merci beaucoup!!! Paris is magical, so i know what you're talking.
    Bon weekend!!

  2. Isn't it wonderful the magical time travel properties that images have?

  3. I love your photography!! thanks for including the Paris map! hope all is well in Seattle

  4. Nice Paris post & lovely photo treasures!

  5. merci beaucoup for including my photo i love your selection bravo ;o)