dimanche 3 avril 2011

Weekend wanderings: Upper Queen Anne and UW Quad

For the longest time, I have been meaning to join a French Conversation group in Seattle so I could practice my spoken French. I signed up for the meetup group but in my excitement to meet new people, I forgot that it was for next Saturday, the 9th and not the 2nd. 
My getting up early on a Saturday morning was not in vain. I got acquainted with Seattle's Queen Anne neighborhood, what it has to offer plus had the chance to check out Le Rêve Bakery, where the meet up was to take place. For a late breakfast, I had a cup of cappucino and a fruit croissant with fresh strawberries then settled down with a good book.

Here are more photos of the bakery and its delicious goodies. Go ahead and indulge without the calories.
Afterwards,I enjoyed the morning sunshine around upper Queen Anne before heading back to downtown Seattle.
Later that same day, I visited the University of Washington Seattle campus for the annual blooming of its Yoshino Cherry trees. By that time, it had started to rain lightly. I lingered on the quad hoping that the sun will make a short appearance. Here are some photos. Click to enlarge and see the cherry trees better.


3 commentaires:

  1. SO BEAUTIFUL PICTURES!! Love the patisserie pics! so many yummy tempting desserts...also the cherry blossom tress are gorgeous! whereabout was the place? looked like in a uni compound with the historical buildings.
    i like the pic with 2 ppl sitting on the bench with branches on top...and the full bloom tree with a person on bike...so pretty! what a lovely weekend you had!
    ps: so it's Uni of Washington as i scrolled up to read..hehe.. :P

  2. Seattle looks pretty good, The rain makes the cherry trees so vibrant.
    Thought I'd say 'hi' from France, nice to meet you!