vendredi 22 avril 2011

Green Day

Today is Earth Day and as I write this entry, I think of  how my everyday actions have impacted the environment around me. Of course, one person's efforts of living green seem insignificant but it is also true that there can be strength in numbers.

It's been six years since I moved to Seattle to be closer to work. Prior to that, I lived in Tacoma from where I commuted everyday for 5 years. I could have decided to buy a car using money saved from taking public transport but realized that moving to Seattle would be the better option. The car would've been okay but I found a place within walking distance to work. and to almost everything Now, I live car-less in the city, with a transit pass that's also subsidized by my earth-conscious employer. I do have a driver's license but I've gotten used to my relatively simple life that the thought of owning a vehicle sounds a little complicated, i.e. gas, insurance, parking...

How does someone like me get to have fun in the city while living green?

1. I walk to Benaroya Hall to attend the Seattle Symphony.

2. I take the Monorail to attend festivities at the Seattle Center and also to attend a matinée at McCaw Hall, home of the Seattle Opera.

3. I walk to the Post Office to mail packages for my ETSY shop and get exercise. It's always fun to get moving!

4. I take public transit (running on Natural Gas or electricity) to visit my parents and friends.

5.  The Pike Place Market is right in my neighborhood and that's where I go to people watch, get some fruits and flowers, or hunt for vintage stuff to upcycle. No transportation needed since I just walk.

Here are some items I picked just for Earth Day. Click on the photo for more info.

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