lundi 27 octobre 2014

How Nutella saved a sweet little cottage...

Early this year, I received a lovely parcel of sweets 
from a friend living in Germany and among them was this...
 It appears that this box of chocolate would be appropriate for
Halloween and so I put it away while I sampled the rest of the
parcel's contents.

A few months later and a few days before Halloween, the box is opened--a few of the pieces didn't survive the journey but the chocolate cat and witch were intact.
 What to do with the damaged pieces of chocolate?!? Should I just eat them?!? Since I enjoy a challenge, I resisted the temptation and looked for a way to repair my chocolate.

I started with the witch's chocolate cottage (milk chocolate for the walls, vanilla bourbon white chocolate for the roof) using Nutella to "glue" the broken pieces.

The chocolate tree and chocolate children were also repaired.

To be continued...

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