jeudi 3 février 2011

J'ai des doigts de fée

A friend of mine recently told me that «J'ai des doigts de fée». Translated from French, this means that I have dexterous hands or literally, I have «fairy fingers». Though not my own, the works you see here tell the story of my handmade life.

I have always been crafty for as long as I can remember, if not, I have always been surrounded by people who made things by hand. 

Though my mother worked  full-time in an office at the state university, she always found the time to sew. I remember spending summer days working at my grammar workbooks or coloring books , with the sound of my mother's sewing machine as background. We had one of those classic Singer sewing machines, with the cast iron body and solid wood cabinets. Mama had her machine outfitted with a motor but still kept the pedal belt just in case the power went out. That way, she can still sew without electricity. 

Vintage sewing machine 8x10 print by Emmy Ludwig

Almost every year when I was younger, my sister and I had dresses custom made by our neighborhood seamstress. This meant outings to the local fabric store for materials then off to the shoe store for matching shoes. 

1960s style Retro Layla dresses by FaithWorks4U

My mother also taught me how to crochet and I gladly acquired this skill . She also encouraged me to cross stitch during summer break. I was  allowed to watch my favorite children's program as long as I didn't just sit in front of the television with idle hands.

By Hand 8x12 Signed Photograph by K. Clark

Orla Inspired Cross Stitch by GraceAndLight

Aside from crafting, I was also sent to weekly piano lessons and kids  summer art camp . My sister and I developed an interest in art and art history through my mother's collection of art books. She loves reading and would happily take us down to the local bookshop to buy books.

the keys, 10x10 print by thephotozoo

Books Upon Books, 8x8 TtV print by SquidArt
L'Artiste, 4x6 fine art print by DearMachine
Through the years, my creativity further developed and I took other hobbies including knitting, jewelry-making, photography, and vintage camera collecting. I take care not to let my fairy fingers lose their touch by creating almost constantly.

A Work In Progress 8x12 glossy print by SepiaBlush

Vintage camera girl, 5x5 fine art print by Marianne Lo Monaco

Until next time, thanks for reading. =(^.^)=

4 commentaires:

  1. A wonderful story Christine and it mirrors mine in many ways. Thank you for including my By Hand in helping tell the tale. My Mother would be tickled.


  2. Christine,

    I love your creative time-line. This is so sweet and such a nice peek into your crafting life. Thank you for including my cross stitch. :)

  3. sounds a lot like me! a life of craft, it's wonderful. thanks for including my l'artiste photograph to help tell your story!

  4. I just loved hearing your story. So beautiful! Thank you for including my photograph in your lovely post.