jeudi 17 février 2011

Indoor Gardening

It was through that I came to "discover" air plants, these low-maintenance plants that are said to be black thumb proof. I don't think that I have a black thumb but though I tried to have plants in my flat, I have not any luck in the past few years I lived there. It's probably not having enough sunlight, being in a building surrounded by even taller ones. My consolation is my healthy jade plant that I keep by my desk in the lab.

I found a couple ETSY sellers who sold air plants and after reading about how easy it is to care for them, I decided to finally get some. For newbies like me, Tortoise Loves Donkey (rather charming name, I say!) offers a grab bag  of three mystery air plants at an affordable price. And for those who are looking into populating their terrarium, they also offer the tiniest of air plants. Also, I love how their plants come with a care card--instructions were so easy to follow.

My new air plants arrived safely and unfrozen yesterday afternoon. That same evening I put them in whatever container I could find: a glass yogurt jar, a small ceramic pitcher, and a small white bowl. I was quite pleased with my grab-bag-o-air plants. 

For the tiny ones, the terrarium was THE place for them. One was just perfect for my tiny watering can while the even smaller one fit right at home in one of those spare USB covers I have.

I'm quite excited about my new indoor plants that I may have to get a few more tiny ones for the terrarium.

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