dimanche 13 février 2011

Heart for Glass

A few years ago, before moving to Seattle, I lived in Tacoma. Known as the Jewel of South Puget Sound, it is also home to the Museum of Glass, opened in 2002. 
Museum of Glass with Tacoma Dome and SR509 Suspension Bridge
As one can see from the following photographs I've recently taken, there is much to see outside the museum itself. The Seaform Pavillon and the Venetian Glass Wall showcases Chihuly's work. The distinct cone structure that gives the place its nickname houses the Hot Shop Ampitheater where live glass blowing takes place.
The "Cone" as seen from Dale Chihuly's "Bridge of Glass"
Crystal Towers

Chihuly's Bridge of Glass

Seaform Pavillon

Venetian Glass Wall
Historic Downtown Tacoma seen from the museum
ETSY.com has a number of very talented glass artists. For those who "heart" glass, here are some wonderful creations that caught my (non-glass) eye:

Heart in a Jar Necklace by KivaFord

Miniature Chemistry Set by KivaFord

Heart of Glass Valentine Paperweight by KitPaulson

Earrings by Kristin Perkins

Glass Leaf Necklace by Kristin Perkins

Glass Orca Whale by Totally Unique Glass


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