dimanche 19 décembre 2010

From rags to handmade riches


al·che·my [ álkəmee ]

Definition (Encarta® World English Dictionary [North American Edition] © & (P)2009)
1. predecessor of chemistry: an early, unscientific form of chemistry that sought to change base metals into gold and discover a life-prolonging elixir, a universal cure for disease, and a universal solvent alkahest
2. transforming or enchanting power: a power supposedly like alchemy, especially of enchantment or transformation
[14th century. Via Old French alquemie and medieval Latin alchimia< Arabic al-kīmiyā "the chemistry" < Greek khēmeia]


This series focuses on artists/crafters and their handmade creations from recycled materials. «Reuse, reduce, recycle» is one of my mantras, especially in this day and age when we truly need to mind our impact on the earth. One man's trash is another man's treasure, that is, in raw material. 

I recall the time when I fashioned a shoulder bag out of a striped twill miniskirt. It became a hit among my friends because they have not seen anything like it. Seattle's very own Wooly Bison has a line  of handcrafted bags and accessories made from recycled wool jackets, trousers, even skirts. I personally coveted one gorgeous satchel made out of recycled military wool. Whoever buys it will be one lucky customer.

Recycled Military Wool Satchel

Recycled Eyeglass Case


When I was very young, I went through a phase of making my own dolls out of flour sacks and whatever bits of cloth I could find around the house. Fast forward to present day--I may be all grown up but I still have a soft spot for plushies. Marjji uses mostly recycled wool and tweed for her wonderful plushies for grown-ups. What once  was a herringbone garment is now a plush creature.

Pocket Mouse - Wheat

Dover Cat

What can you do with old sweaters besides giving them to charity? Wooly Baby uses them to create wonderful wool slippers for children. The upcycled sweater material is felted for luxurious warmth then finished with recycled leather for the heels, toes, and non-skid toes.   

Lambswool Slippers, 


Lambswool Slippers,

Rhythm in my Hands

Knot Original certainly took to heart the idea of recycling in crafting such an innovative piece. The «Urban Cowgirl Cowl» was created using handspun yarn from old denim jeans. Recycled materials are also frequently incorporated  in her other pieces. Truly unexpected, uncommon, and unconventional. 

The Urban Cowl Girl . recycled denim cowl

Thermal Warming . recycled unisex scarf

That's it for now. I am off to search for other Artistic Alchemists out there. Until next time, thanks for reading. =(^.^)=

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  1. What wonderful choices! I'll be checking some of these out. Thanks for including my slippers!

  2. Thanks so much for writing about my bags! What a wonderful way to wake up!