dimanche 12 décembre 2010

Natural Muse

Although I have always been creative, even as a child, there are times when I find myself with the so-called "crafter's block." Days and weeks would go by and not a single idea pops into my head until one day, a spark of creativity comes and I feel as though one of the Muses has smiled at me.

As a biologist and crafter, I have long since realized that the natural world has always been a source of inspiration behind things created by man. Whenever I see a Sikorsky helicopter in the sky, a dragonfly always comes to mind. Airplanes are made to soar like birds whereas submarines resemble whales in the ocean. 

Nature never fails to make an appearance in the world of arts and crafts. She often provides the remedy for my lack of inspiration. I was inspired to gather a few artists and crafters who are clearly inspired by the Natural Muse.

The first time I saw the wonderful photographs by Forest Floor Prints' Jeff Friesen, I was immediately enthralled. The images of leaves arranged to resemble sailboats (or insects) captivates one's imagination. They almost have a certain fairy-like charm to them. 

Gypsy Moth


When it comes to photographing our feathered friends, Mingta photography takes pictures not only for posterity. The images are engaging in their color and composition. Looking at these photographs is like looking at nature through an open window.

Yes Dear - Original Male Cardinal

Chick A Dee-Dee-Dee 1 - Tweet

As a child, I grew up collecting and playing with bugs. My sister and I would "adopt" a large black beetle for a day, give it a name, play with it then set it free. Though I no longer play with beetles (instead I play the Beatles...), I am still fascinated by insects. Conservation Biologist Kevin Clarke of Bugs Under Glass never outgrew his love for these creatures. He creates museum quality displays from certified farm-raised insects and does not use dangerous chemicals for preservation. Not so long ago, I purchased a gorgeous cicada display from him, just like this one. Butterfly lovers rejoice--he carries a wonderful selection of these delicate beauties.

Real Cicada Insect Display

Framed Butterfly Display - Blue-Banded Morpho Butterfly

Vaiva Nat's love for flowers shows through her beautiful felted creations. Her wonderful color combinations make each bloom a statement piece sure to be noticed and admired. Her pieces are meant to be wearable works of art.

Blue Night Dahlia Felt Brooch

Rusty Olive Meadow Felt Bangle / Wrist Cuff

Allison Fomich of Tiger Lilly Shop  captures nature's ephemera by pressing leaves and flowers onto metal to create botanical jewelry. Her pieces remind me of those beautiful fossilized ferns--but no need to wait thousands of years for her creations. 

Pressed Hydrangea Petals, Brass Botanical Necklace

Pressed Fern Ring

Kanokwalee's beautiful handmade crochet accessories are imaginative and enchanting. Nature is obviously the muse behind her unique creations. Her Enchanted Forest Lariat reminds me of the fern leaves I collected and pressed as a child.

Petite Enchanted Forest Lariat

Petite Jungle Jane Scarf

Last but not least, let's look at how nature inspires from a molecular level and it is a subject very near and dear to my heart, as a researcher. Raven Hanna, PhD. of Made With Molecules has the best collection and rendition of scientific jewelry I have seen so far. The quality of the silver is wonderful, not to mention the craftsmanship. A friend recently gave me a pair of exquisite earrings like the one below--silver renditions of two of DNA's nucleotide bases. Dr. Hanna's pieces are sure to make any science-lover or scientist sparkle.

base pair earrings

creativity necklace - three molecules that rock

The next time you get stuck in a creative rut, turn to Nature for inspiration. You simply can't go wrong.

Until next time, thanks for reading. =(^.^)=

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  1. wowowow votre sélection est magnifique, j'aime beaucoup les photos avec les feuilles bravo pour votre article ;o) xx

  2. Yann: Merci beaucoup pour votre visite! Évidemment, la nature est partout, même si on vit dans une ville de grattes-ciel. On a besoin d'artistes comme vous pour nous apporter la beauté de nature.

  3. This is awesome. What a great list! I love this article. Nature has been my muse as long as I can remember. Thank you so much for including me.

  4. Nature provides some of the greatest inspiration - Thank you for sharing these lovely finds with us :)