mardi 21 décembre 2010

Un bel accident

Whenever I knit or crochet, I often do it without patterns. I enjoy performing experiments outside work, even on my crafting projects. There is always the thrill of accidentally coming up with the unexpected. Working with a ball of yarn is quite forgiving.

It was sort of an experiment/accident that turned out to be quite wonderful and unique. Initially, I was just thinking of making my usual mesh scar in silver gray. I know, the base color is not that exciting and I was tempted to unravel by half-finished worked and call it quits. 

What made me change my mind and experiment a little bit was the fact that I already spent a few days crocheting. I felt bad about wasting all that time and not even trying to find a way to work things out. I finally  finished the scarf then thought about ways that I could make it more interesting. Below is what I came up with after my little experiment.

Crochet Waffle Weave Infinity Scarf  (Silver Mist)

What looks like different colored ribbons are actually crocheted chains of light purple, deep purple, charcoal gray yarn woven onto the scarf. I am glad that this «experiment» worked since this scarf took about a week to complete. This original design is called the Waffle Weave Infinity Mobius Scarf and comes in an almost infinite variety of colors. Unfortunately, there is only one me and my time outside work is not infinite.

After about a month or so, I made another scarf in a different color combination: Barley mesh woven with cranberry red, taupe, and chocolate brown chains of yarn. It is currently on display in my ETSY shop and waiting to adorn someone's neck. I think the color combo would suit both men and women.

Crochet Waffle Weave Infinity Scarf (Earth)

Until next time, thanks for reading. =(^.^)=

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  1. Hi! I've been very curious and decided I should just go ahead and ask: How are you connected to the Philippines?

  2. Hello and thanks for the message:) I was born and raised in the Philippines then emigrated to the USA a few years ago.