mercredi 8 décembre 2010

One tired but happy crafter

After months of preparation, late nights, weekends spent crafting away, and not to mention sore fingers, it finally happened: I made my very first appearance at my workplace Holiday Craft Fair on Friday, December 3rd. Seeing the craft fair "pros" with their wares almost ready was a little nerve wracking for a newbie like me. I quickly got over that at the sight of strange but smiling faces around, not to mention one of my friends from the lab arriving just in time to help me set up. 

Before I knew it, 6 hours had gone by. I had a great time talking to folks and showing my work. Some of my crochet items were sold out before noon and I even had one repeat customer. Three people wanted to even buy the neckwarmer I wore, off my neck. Everyone seemed intrigued by the knitted neckwarmers that I had made. One person even asked whether I was the person who donated the knitted scarf as one of the raffle prizes. 

I knitted this acrylic scarf embellished with crochet border and buttons just for the raffle donation. I hope that whoever won it will like it or at least give it to someone who will. Angie Wynn of Remember Wynn created the wonderful customized ultrasuede labels for my crochet and knit items.

My crochet neckwarmers (original design by yours truly), newly christened as the "Marley", became instant curiosities in a good way. Resembling a "necklush", each one is crocheted continuously using one ball of chunky lambswool/acrylic blend yarn. Two snaps hold the neckwarmer securely around one's neck. They can come plain or embellished with colorful buttons, like this one I made for myself in charcoal yarn. The red buttons add a punch of color and I love how they randomly show up depending on how the piece is twisted. 

Marley neckwarmer in Charcoal (20% Lambswool, 80% Acrylic)

This can be made in different colors. Here are the ones I sold at the craft fair. I will be making more for my ETSY shop, either as ready-to-wear or made-to-order based on color choice.

Marley neckwarmer in Taupe (20% Lambswool, 80% Acrylic)
Marley neckwarmer in Claret (20% Lambswool, 80% Acrylic)
Also, I introduced original-design knit neckwarmers that stirred a lot of curiosity. I love wearing long scarves but sometimes, the long ends can be a hassle when one keeps them on indoors. Neckwarmers are short, allow freedom of movement, and in this case, always look great. 

Ripple knit neckwarmer in Deep Forest Green (100% Acrylic)
Ripple knit neckwarmer in Antique Rose (100% Acrylic)

Ripple knit neckwarmer in Barley (8% Rayon, 92% Acrylic)

I'll be be making more of these for my shop as well. I guess that'll mean more late nights but more fun creating.

Until next time, thanks for reading. =(^.^)=

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  1. great works of art! love your neckwarmers.

  2. These are beautiful! I am especially a fan of the Ripple Knit collection :)