lundi 6 décembre 2010

Wonderful things come in small packages

For some, size does matter but for others, it's the quality of the item. Through ETSY, I have discovered creations that may appear small but are big on imagination and artistry.
My love for the color red as well as vintage skeleton keys of all sizes and shapes led me to this lovely wee purse necklace by Sew Lola. The workmanship is impeccable, down to the sewing of the vintage fabric lining inside this tiny purse.

Wee purse necklace in red leather

One of my pastimes in Seattle is visiting the local second hand bookstores. I am still one of those folks who likes the touch, feel, and smell of books, old ones especially. Though not opposed to technology, I don't know if I would be able to truly appreciate e-books. Margaux Kent of ETSY shop The Black Spot Books makes miniature book necklaces out of scrap leather--leather from a vintage baseball glove, a doctor's bag, an old boot. Her craftmanship and attention to detail is awe-inspiring. The small book, handmade and bound in the traditional manner, is both ornamental and functional.

Large Personalised word scrap leather journal necklace

Medium Autumnal book necklace made from mid-century deer skin

As a child, I remember the times when I made tiny terrariums (or terraria) out of jam jars, moss, lichen, and tiny flowering plants my mother referred to as "fairy plants." I also found ships in bottles  quite fascinating and would attempt to make my own. Glyn Walton of London-based ETSY shop Mini Memory Worlds creates  fantastic miniature scenery. The attention to detail, colors, and textures indeed capture snapshots of one's everyday reality (like a black bike at the park) or a combination of the real and surreal (blue sky and clouds reminiscent of a Magritte painting).

Cycling in the park

Passing clouds
For the naturalist who also enjoys wearing unique accessories and jewelry, ETSY's Woodland belle captures nature's beauty in every item. Mai McKemy creates stunning jewelry that is sure to be a conversation piece, even an heirloom. Her butterfly collection necklace is an entomologist's dream and her woodland terrarium ring is a piece of natural beauty wrapped around one's finger.

Butterfly Collection Necklace in Antiqued Copper

Tiny Woodland Terrarium Toadstool Mushroom and Blue Morpho Butterfly Ring

For those of us who enjoy sumptuous desserts and delicious food, we can now indulge without the calories. Stéphanie Kilgast of Petit Plat Food Art shows how fun it is to play with food and sweets--in miniature. Her polymer clay creations are so detailed, they almost look like the real thing--if it weren't for their size!

Fantastic Chocolate - Earrings - Waffle Collection

Breezy Blue Green - Sterling Ring - Fruit Tart Collection

Crazy Cupcake - Pendant - Cupcake Collection - Custom Made

All these realistic-looking desserts miniatures are making me hungry. Perhaps, it's time I find something sweet in actual size.

Until next time, thanks for reading. =(^.^)=

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  1. I love books too, but ebooks are a great way not to have too many books at home! When you read a lot like I do it's really a space saver :)

    Thanks for the feature, it's a lovely collection!

  2. Stéphanie: Thanks for visiting :) I'm glad you like the feature. You do have a point when it comes to ebooks and their space saving qualities.

  3. I love the importance of craftmanship - especially for these miniminis. You chose some great pieces, thank you!

    eBooks - something I cannot understand. At all. (!)

  4. What a lovely post! Thanks for the feature. :)